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Experience is a trump card - 5.0 stars - Posted by Will 
I am a father who, with the help of Mr. Farris and his many years of experience, succeeded in obtaining/maintaining many valuable assets in a contested divorce, the most valuable being my son. His knowledge and experience were paramount in achieving this.
Highly Recommended - 5 stars - Posted by Michael
I have worked with Alan Farris since 2001 in two different capacities. One as a municipal attorney and the second as a corporate and real estate attorney. I have had nothing but good results from the Farris law firm. Not only was I represented well, but was charged fairly for all services they provided. I have worked with several attorneys in the private and public sectors from very large firms to very small firms and can say the Farris law firm is a top notch firm. I strongly recommend anyone looking for a attorney to contact them. 

Absolutely amazing and thorough - 5.0 stars -May 25, 2018

My husband and I hired Mr. Farris in a complicated foster parent/ grandparents visitation rights case, first off we had child since birth child was turing 3 and was returned to mother, and we wanted visitation with the child (child's father my son had passed away while we had the child). Mother had unreasonablely denied us, DCFS also tried intervening since they still are involved with mother. Long story short, Mr. Farris didn't give up we had to go to court numerous times only to be served papers at court by others and not see judge and have to continue the case. Finally we were able to settle with visitation and do what was in best interest of the child. Mr. Farris done an amazing and thorough job and never gave up giving it his all. 100% we totally recommend this attorney he is A#1 in our book!

Custody case of a newborn -5.0 stars- Posted by Paul -February 2, 2018

All I can say is Alan and the two young ladies in the office did outstanding job in a case that we had very limited time to make things happen, I feel like they took it very personal to help me through this situation, they will always be my choice for legal help. Paul K

Consultion and hired- 4.0 stars -July 11, 2017

I was served with divorce papers. I had consultation with Mr. Farris. He explained the procedure and what could happen. Mr. Farris explained legal responsibilities of both parties and what I needed to do to protect myself. After I hired Mr. Farris, he and his staff worked to get the information needed to complete the whole picture. Divorce finalized and moving forward.

Did a great job helping me against my ex, custody ! - 5.0 stars - Posted by William -June 12, 2017

Awesome job, helped me get custody of my daughter who was back sliding bad two yrs ago! Daughter turned her self around to straight As and graduated high school this yr.!!! If your looking for someone to fight for you this is your attorney !

Highly Recommend - 5.0 stars - Posted by anonymous - December 9, 2016

Mr. Farris was my divorce attorney. He has a lot of experience and helped me greatly. His office personnel is also very friendly. They work well together in getting things done promptly. They also worked with me and my work schedule without hesitation. Mr. Farris knows the laws well and worked hard in accomplishing and doing what was in my best interest and the best interest of my children.

Divorce -5.0 stars - Posted by Mark -September 20, 2016

It has been two and a half years since my divorce was finalized. Alan Farris accurately assessed my situation, clearly advised me of my options, and guided me through the minefield of my divorce. There were retirement accounts, investment properties, and my spouse's gambling debts to be resolved. The assets and debts were divided fairly and the judge had no reservations or issues when approving the settlement. My life is vastly improved and I am financially better off than before the divorce, which is not the case with most.

Experienced, Honest, and Professional - 5.0 stars - Posted by Matt -October 29, 2014

I worked with Mr. Farris on a recent child support modification case. I could not have been more impressed with Mr. Farris' professionalism and honesty, and in particular his communication with me related to what could possibly happen in court and his expectation of the end result. It's clear that his experience and demeanor makes him an excellent partner in family law matters.

Efficient - 5.0 stars - Posted by Donna - February 26, 2014

Was diagnosed with lung cancer and needed a Will and Power of Attorneys done quickly. Mr. Farris was very accommodating to my busy schedule of doctors appointment and made me feel my needs were a priority.

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